Monetize your parking assets - PPP projects

With the growing number of cars entering crowded city centers, parking management becomes a critical issue. Parking management is essential for the effective control  of the city's limited p
Moscow -parking _chaosarking resources. Needless to say parking fees can also become a major source of funds for improving traffic and parking infrastructure and providing better service for the community. Charging for parking therefore increases parking availability, improves the infrastructure and generate fund for the common good . Charging for parking can be also socially justifiable as parking fees are paid by car owners who can usually support the expense and in fact ought to carry the cost of using and maintaining public property ( "on street" parking spaces )
In order for a parking management program to become successful it has to meet some very strict criteriaParking _chaos _2
  • Fairness - Drivers and residents should feel that the system in place serves their best interests and not used as just a tools for collecting additional funds for the city or as an another tax
  • Convenience - There must be a minimum of additional effort made by the driver in using the system
  • Efficiency - The system has to be managed in the most efficient manner otherwise the fee collected will not cover the cost of operations!
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