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EasyPark Analytics - A true revolution in the parking industry

Data is the driving force behind any management decision and parking management is no exception. 
Present tools for generating parking information include doing parking surveys and occupancy sensors and both  tools are extremely expensive .In the case of parking survey the data is not up to date while with parking occupancy sensor the cost of the equipment and the associated  maintenance  makes it impossible to install parking sensors unless it is at city center where parking demand is at its peak
Parx brings to the market a unique approach which is based on the latest technology in mobile telephony and Smart Phone applications The following graph provides actual data depicting  parking occupancy without using a single sensor or parking survey !

                            Distribution of parking occupancy in 4 streets along the day 
Using our technology we can analyze not only parking occupancy but also generate information correlating  parking data with (anonymous) information conc…

Easy Park Private

The Problem

There is a growing shortage of parking spaces in large urban centers worldwide caused by the constant rise of number of vehicles competing on same limited parking resources. Accordingly, the prices of parking continue to rise.

The solution In many cities, there are a lot of residential and private parking spaces that are free most of the time, when their owners are off for their work etc.

EasyPark Private provides a smart market place to match between private parking spaces owners who wish to lease them by the hour when they are not i n use, and drivers who wish to secure a parking space for their vehicle with reasonable cost.
Private parking spaces owners can list their spaces and their availability instructions on the EasyPark Private system in cities where it was launched. Drivers will download a smartphone app and will register to the system, providing a payment method such as a credit card. The system will then refer drives to nearby private parking spaces that are ma…