EasyPark Enforcement

Easy Park EnforcementOn-street parking inspection is a complicated but rewarding task if being handled correctly. Without a strict and clear parking enforcement policy, backed by city regulations, there will be a total traffic chaos in city centers. Usually the main motivation of 'Greenfield' municipalities in regulating  "on-street" parking activity is the need to get city traffic in order, to avoid illegal parking on pavements, junctions, 
double parking etc, that are clogging the streets and creating traffic hazards, traffic congestion and air pollution.

Traditional enforcement equipment is based on heavy hand held terminals, connected to a printer hanged on the inspector's waist-belt. These devices, as sophisticated as they may be, are expensive to own, heavy to carry and clumsy

EasyPark Enforcement is a smartphone-based solution for on-street parking enforcement. Using a standard Smartphone, the parking officer can easily verify the parking event and print a violation ticket if needed .All enforcement activity can be monitored in "real time" assuring efficent managment of
the parking officers activity.