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Parx is expanding! Worldwide, EasyPark has been deployed in 5 different continents and more than 130 cities. Parx is experienced in setting up global networks and locating international companies to operate the EasyPark parking management solution. Parx operators benefit from the commitment of the support team providing them excellent marketing, technical and operational services.  Parx is constantly looking to expand its activities to new countries and cities. Parx's solution can be customized to meet local market requirements.   Our operators benefit from Parx's experience and expertise. Relying on Parx's support and hosting services our operators can focus on commercial and customer support efforts.  Candidate profile and responsibilities Parx's candidates should meet the following qualifications for a franchise opportunity: Experience in working with local authorities and municipalitiesPassion for and dedication to operations excellenceAdequate capitalization to cov…

EasyPark coming to Portsmouth !


Portsmouth switches to EasyPark good news for Dover Devices will work in either city for users

By Michelle Kingston Thursday, December 27, 2012
PORTSMOUTH — EasyPark users can soon add an additional city to their transponders.

Portsmouth signed its contract with the provider, OTI America, last week, and is targeting to be online by the end of January, according to Dover’s Parking Manager Bill Simons.

The city is trying to integrate the garage into the system and is working to allow iPark users to transfer their funds to EasyPark within the coming weeks.

“Once Portsmouth is online, Dover customers will be able to add them to their software,” Simons said. “This is done just how they transfer funds to the device. For people who aren’t reloading, but want to add Portsmouth, they just need to reconnect to their computers.”

The EasyPark system, unlike iPark, is a multitown meter-free parking product, making it a more attractive device to the cities requiring paid parking.

“Sales were steady in Dover last week,” Simons said. “We’ve sold over 70 units alrea…

What is a personal parking meter ?

A personal parking meter (PPM )  is a credit size electronic gadget that contains pre-paid parking fees and the relevant parking rates and regulations. The driver keeps the PPM in the glove department and when required she turns the device on and put it on the dashboard or side window so it can be verified by the parking warden . The the driver gets back to her car all she has to do is to turm  the device off

The PPM made by PARX is now used by over 1.250,000 users , in some 16 countries and more than 160 cities and municipalities !

Israel - The land of the EasyPark !

"On street" parking activity in Israel is coordinated by the "Union of local Authorities"(ULA ) comprising 202 municipalities and local councils. While ULA provides guidance and assist in providing a country wide parking policy each of the local municipal authorities manages and enforces its own parking program.
Parking operations and enforcement are carried out in most cases by city's employees but operations such as towing, collection of unpaid tickets and certain forms of parking fees payment methods as will be explained later are being outsourced to private operators.

Enforcement is being performed using smart phones or mobile computer terminals equipped with GPRS data links. Whenever a vehicle is inspected the data is being checked automatically with the central Vehicle Registration Office (VRO ) and the data is being compared with the police database of stolen vehicles and any security alerts available so that the parking enforcement activity integrate nice…

The EasyPark parking management system

EasyPark is a fully integrated system comprising all relevant aspects of parking management from both the city's and driver's perspectives. EasyPark allows cities to improve parking services, optimize operations, cut costs, reduce traffic congestion and pollution and at the same time provide a better service to the drivers and city's residents.
The EasyPark solution comprises several modules that are fully integrated with each other: Personal MeterMobile payment, an backoffice system.