Parx is expanding!

Worldwide, EasyPark has been deployed in 5 different continents and more than 130 cities. Parx is experienced in setting up global networks and locating international companies to operate the EasyPark parking management solution. Parx operators benefit from the commitment of the support team providing them excellent marketing, technical and operational services.
 Parx is constantly looking to expand its activities to new countries and cities. Parx's solution can be customized to meet local market requirements.  
Our operators benefit from Parx's experience and expertise. Relying on Parx's support and hosting services our operators can focus on commercial and customer support efforts. 

Candidate profile and responsibilities

Parx's candidates should meet the following qualifications for a franchise opportunity:
  • Experience in working with local authorities and municipalities
  • Passion for and dedication to operations excellence
  • Adequate capitalization to cover project kick off and on going promotion efforts
  • Experience in B2C operations focusing on sales and marketing activitiesl
  • An understanding of the local parking market, i.e. competition, trends, needs

Parx has developed an appealing franchise model for the distribution and marketing of Parx's products around the world. Our franchisees are in charge of the local activities required to promote and operate the EasyPark system.

Some of the operator's roles include:

  1.  Promoting the solution within local authorities and adding new cities to adapt it
  2. Setting up sales networks and distribution channels
  3. Selling and marketing the EasyPark devices to consumers
  4. Setting up reloading stations at merchants locations and providing them training and guidance services
  5. Clearing proceeds between different stakeholders (distributors, cities)
  6. Providing customer service to end users